5 Secrets To Starting Your Own Business [Video]


It’s no secret we all are over worked, over stressed and underpaid. Not to mention when we do get a “good job” we have to sacrifice all of the things that are really important to us like quality time raising our children, participating in causes dear to us, or sometimes it’s even difficult to get a good night rest because we are on edge about our supervisor “breathing down our neck” in the morning meeting.

As African Americans, we definitely can relate to these issues considering the playing field for true freedom, opportunity and financial empowerment are limited to say the least for one simple reason. We are looking for  freedom, opportunity and financial empowerment in the wrong place starting with the “job”, here’s why:

You can’t truly be free on some one else’s payroll especially in a capitalistic country who’s business model was to “work you for free” even against your will (aka slavery). We can’t truly open up opportunity for ourselves or our children if we have no ownership, influence or financial paradigm. Lastly and more importantly without freedom, and the ability to create opportunity for ourselves it is impossible to achieve financial empowerment. The only way to achieve these things is to fire your boss and start your own business. Regain control of your life, schedule and priorities.

Here I will be posting my Food and Finance vlog/podcast talking about entrepreneurship in the African American community . Tips on start up businesses, marketing a small business, finance, health and more.

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